I like to call myself a writer because I like to write a lot, but I’m not sure that term is entirely accurate because while I have been published I have never been paid to write.

I like to keep my writing as anonymous as I can because this is mostly just an outlet for me and my musings. I started this blog in the summer of 2015 on a whim to chronicle something happening deep within that I did not want to lose touch with as I was transitioning into a particularly busy season of life. Blogging is a really fun way for me to express the little pieces of discovery that caught my attention on the day to day, in the midst of a very ordinary life. Things I notice in society, things I notice on my commute, things I noticed in debates while somehow becoming a small scale defender of my faith, and most of all the subtle changes I experienced in that place deep within, that place that was developing as I learned and continue to learn how to pray.

I like to joke that it’s a travel blog except instead of traveling around to exotic locations I’m just on a very ordinary journey through life on my way to Heaven. Feel free to follow the link to my most popular pieces and if you find something that resonates with you I do hope you’ll come again.


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