Mad Woman

So today I saw a commercial for a cereal brand that began with “tastes good on the tongue” with some lovely light instrumental jazz and dark lighting (calm down cereal it’s not like you’re chocolate). America really has taken food from something necessary for survival (and I’ll admit tasty and enjoyable for the most part) to something completely sensual. You’d think it was only invented to give us pleasure. I don’t know it just really irks me when food commercials have sexual overtones, as if a nightly walk to get a bowl of cereal (an attempt to be healthy if your impulse is for ice cream or other bad night snacks) is comparable to the pleasure you would receive from a walk intended to pay a nightly visit to your lover (I could be optimistic and say husband or wife- but that’s never associated with much pleasure on television). It just makes me sad that our culture can so effortlessly twist things that are in themselves fairly innocent, like eating, or extremely beautiful, like human sexuality, into something base. As long as it keeps making money I’m sure everyone will keep an “open mind.”

And yes the title of this post is intended as a pun on Mad Men- the show that chronicles the development of modern advertising firms.