So today I was driving my dad’s car to a doctor appointment and the car was making the strangest noise. For the life of me I could not figure out what it was until it suddenly dawned on me like a light bulb in one of those old-fashioned cartoons “it’s the coke in my dad’s trunk moving around every time a make a turn!” (My dad keeps it on hand in case he gets tired on the long commute from Pittsburgh to Virginia that he makes most weekends). But I was sincerely glad that I was alone at that time because since I’ve watched my fair amount of cop shows where people get busted for having cocaine in the trunk I started giggling at how my realization would have sounded (out of its proper context) if there had been another person in the car. I probably looked pretty silly to anyone else on the road, but even if a cop had pulled me over and found the coke in my trunk that explained my irrational behavior, at least I could promise honestly that none of it was mine.