100th post

So today is a very special day because as of right now I have officially written 100 BLOG POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is exciting. I feel like a little kid who has had too much sugar. I’m pretty psyched that the blog has continued for this long and that I’ve managed to write this much without (I hope) compromising the integrity of the writing itself. Even though I’ve got a long way to go, I’ve learned a ton about blogging and I’ve really enjoyed it thus far. Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday I didn’t even understand how to properly use a tag?


To commemorate the day I thought I’d also make a list in no particular order of things I wish I also had a hundred of:

  1. puppies
  2. paid vacation days
  3. thousand dollars
  4. amazing new blog post ideas
  5. Barnes and Noble gift cards
  6. student loan discounts
  7. hours to sleep
  8. cardigans
  9. days at the beach
  10. french fries (I wouldn’t finish but I’d like to see it)
  11. restaurants in walking distance from my office
  12. coffee mugs
  13. straight days to work on a book I’m trying to write
  14. pairs of shoes
  16. bundles of yarn
  17. well-matched outfits
  18. more likes for my blog’s Facebook page and other social media
  19. feet of storage in my closet
  20. flavors of liquid coffee creamer in my office
  21. daisies
  22. extra hours to volunteer
  23. vouchers for Kennywood (the best amusement park EVER that just happens to be located in western PA)
  24. views of this post
  25. offers to write for publications I respect
  26. years on my domain name agreement
  27.  journals
  28. plane tickets to visit friends scattered across the country
  29. scarves (one can never have too many)
  30. phone chargers
  31. computer techs at my disposal to help me with my technology
  32. free months of Netflix
  33. years til my Driver’s license expires
  34. decent chap sticks
  35. bobby pins
  36. stationary cards of different varieties
  37. stamps
  38. days left of my Amazon prime free trial
  39. tickets to Pittsburgh sporting events
  40. cases of Sparkling water (I’m addicted)
  41. more ideas to put on this list because this is my last one

I hope this list gave you a chuckle. Thanks so much for being a fabulous reader and/or subscriber. Here’s to at least 100 more posts!


It’s a Leap Year!!!!!

So I’m not going to name names but a certain brunette blogger with a penchant for bad puns and theology thinks that leap years are just about the coolest thing ever!!!

The last time a leap year rolled around I was in college and my friends and I wanted to do lysomething to commemorate the leap day. We decided to watch the movie Leap Year with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode (we liked him before it was cool Downtown Abbey fans). It’s a really fun movie that we first saw together when it came out in theaters. Semi-predictable in that you know where it’s going but you thoroughly enjoy the ride and all the scenic photos of beautiful Ireland. If you’re a person with strong impulses like me you too might be tempted to book your trip after watching.

Anyway, to seal the celebratory mood we ordered a cookie cake from Campus Cookies, an organization whose name is too self-explanatory for me to justify explaining what they do. We chose what color icing we wanted and requested that the cake read, “Happy Leap Day!” because we are lovably corny like that.

So we were watching the movie and the cookie-decorated van (true story) pulled up to our complex. The driver came up to our unit and made the delivery. We eagerly opened the box to behold their masterpiece which read, “Happy Leep Day!”

All I can say is I hope the employee who designed that cake wasn’t a fellow college student…

Happy Leap Day!