Meet Sr. Christina

Get excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As promised, here’s a brief introduction for our guest author whose piece will be featured THURSDAY, March 23rd.

Sr. Christina serves at St. Anne’s Guest Home, an assisted living-type facility in Grand Forks, North Dakota. There, she helps in a variety of roles, including receptionist, sacristan, activities, and occasional personal care aide. Along with these duties, she also manages the web page for the facility, writes their weekly blog, and edits their resident newsletter. Sr. Christina also authors Our Franciscan Fiat the blog for her religious community of Dillingen Franciscan Sisters in North Dakota. She also finds time for embroidery, baking, biking and liturgical music. Before entering religious life, she received a bachelor of arts in written communication, with some coursework also in graphic arts and theology.


Sr. Christina’s Franciscan community serves in the Fargo Diocese of North Dakota and is part of an international Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen.  Founded in 1241, they are present also in Germany, Spain, India, and Brazil.  The Sisters work in a variety of apostolates, including healthcare and education.



The Small Miracle

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be blogging a bit more regularly again. After the silence of the hiatus, the heart and head eventually got so full that it was either time to write or go insane.

Fortunately, I chose to write!

Writing is sort of a miracle for people like me. A chance to get everything that tugs at the heart and mind into some form of print. It is cathartic and a total release and if other people out there connect with anything whatsoever that gets written it is sort of great, like finding a kindred spirit in this ginormous universe of ours.

My favorite thing about writing is that it takes thoughts, ideas, and emotions out of the shadowy corners of the mind or the tiny pockets of the soul and brings them into the light forcing them to fully form and come together. The best thing is that after you write something you don’t have to carry it anymore or you realize that you’re not the only one ever to carry it. And that always gives me hope for the struggle or joy in letting others know that not only is victory possible but that we’re all in this together.

I’m the Worst at Titles

Hi all,

I wish that the title of this post was a clever and ironic enticement to get you to read a charming anecdotal story, but sadly it is the truth. Picking a title is actually my least favorite part of writing.

I’ve been blogging for a short while now and I am still the worst at coming up with titles for the pieces I write. Occasionally I get inspired towards one that is both decent and a good fit for the piece, but rarely am I truly satisfied with the ones I come up with.  I never know what to call a piece I’m working on because my posts are by their nature sort of reflective either on something personal or a larger societal trend/event that I notice or have feelings about. It’s not the sort of stuff I find it easy to name, especially in a snappy way that draws people to read the post. Unfortunately, the topics I write about are also not as direct or explicit as “5 ways to lose 10 pounds” or “12 ways to get ahead at work.”

So to you writers out there, what is your process for coming up with titles for the piece you’re writing?

Any advice from people who are good at coming up titles, have been blogging for longer than I have, or have any advice whatsoever to get me past this extremely annoying hurdle is most appreciated!

Thanks in advance!