The Known

I’ve been reading older posts on my old blog lately and it makes me smile as I remember all the beautiful work God did in my soul even in the midst of my suffering and anxiety at the time I actually went through it. I think I sometimes get trapped  in the known. I like looking back and knowing how it all worked out and seeing how God’s hand was working in everything. It’s harder actually going through it because I have to have the discipline to live in the present moment and actually trust God to provide for all my daily needs.


Angels Watching Over Me

I am guilty of not thinking of heaven enough or all the ways in which heaven touches earth.

I think I haven’t truly grasped what it means to belong. To belong to God to be truly His own. To have an inheritance in heaven. To have angel armies that surround me and protect me from the forces of evil. With this in mind I want to be braver. To worry less about the future. To worry less about who I am and what I’ll do. To worry less about this temporary world and remember how loved I am by all of heaven.

The bird

Today in Oakland there was a little girl and her father eating ice cream near my table and she decided that she wanted to feed the birds ice cream going so far as to chase them with a spoonful. Her father had to explain to her that they would only come if she remained still. What a lesson in life that remains for me.