The River

I live near Pittsburgh a city known for potholes, food, artistic bridges, and lots and lots of rivers. Right now I’m temping downtown and have the luxury of walking along one of these beautiful rivers during my breaks. It’s absolutely gorgeous but I noticed something funny. When I’m worrying about something or trying to figure something out I look down towards the sidewalk and focus only on the path. I found that I actually had to remind myself to look at the river, to take in the beautiful view of the city, to watch the geese and their babies waddle across the way.

I found myself wishing it wasn’t so easy to have that tunnel vision, eyes on the path and not on God or the wider world He made me a part of.  It even made me a little sad as I realized how much beauty, how much life from animals to my fellow walkers that I had been missing out on by being so focused on myself. It’s easy to do that in times of uncertainty, times of sorrow and I think if I were to share with you some of my struggles you might forgive me but I couldn’t justify it to myself today when I remembered my call as a Christian, a call to love, a call to trust but most especially a call to let God love me as He desires to even when tomorrow is uncertain, even when I deserve it the least because it’s during those times that He gives me the most even when I don’t see it, feel it or understand it. And I found myself promising to be more patient with God, to try and surrender enough to truly let Him finish this beautiful work He began in me and above all trusting that everything will be alright because one day I’ll see the face of God in Heaven.


2 thoughts on “The River

  1. You make me smile. How true it is for all of us: so focused on the task at hand (how are we going to get all this done?) instead of enjoying the “bigger picture” of life. He has lavished gifts on us – our family, friends, the beauty of nature, our abilities, etc. God never created us to stagnate, or get stuck. He wants us to be free… live NOW, not wait for “that day.” So I will be more thankful for those times of difficulty when He is stretching me and wanting me closer by His side. I am determined to ask for His help FIRST so that He can give me a grateful heart and mind to overcome those times. I don’t want to be like Adam/Eve anymore— fooled by curiosity and lies. My heavenly Father is faithful and loves me, and He wants me to share that love and good news with my neighbor.


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