The Hiatus

Hello again all.

So I sort of knew I was going to take a hiatus after writing Spiders Don’t Eat Steak and it’s sequel The Problem of Guilt. Sometimes you just get a sense for these things somewhere in the soul that knows it even when your brain hasn’t admitted it yet. I did not expect to take a break from blogging for as long as I did though and I am touched by the few who actually noticed I had stopped writing!

I’m a very unusual person I think, which I’m sure you’ve gathered if you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning. I started this blog in the summer of 2015 on a whim to chronicle something happening deep within that I did not want to lose touch with as I was transitioning into a particularly busy season of life. Blogging was a really fun way for me to express the little pieces of discovery that caught my attention on the day to day, in the midst of a very ordinary life. Things I noticed in society, things I noticed on my commute, things I noticed in debates while somehow becoming a small scale defender of my faith, and most of all the subtle changes I experienced in that place deep within, that place that was developing as I learned and continue to learn how to pray.

I know prayer has a bad reputation in our society as ineffective and a general waste of valuable time to a God who is largely indifferent- if He even exists at all. But that’s the thing about reputations, you can’t dismiss them as completely true or false, accurate or inaccurate until you really know the person, or in this instance the Person. And if you want to know God you have to spend time with Him in prayer; there is no other way.

I want to know God because God is the only Person I ever found that can satisfy that place deep within my soul that was so incredibly restless and always seeking even before I knew exactly what I was searching for and in learning to share that center with God I got some fun blog posts but even better a whole new life in Christ that I honestly wouldn’t trade for anything. And now to finally get to the point, this journey of late has gone from something exterior to something much more interior and the subtle change has been pretty exciting but not exactly easy to put into words. When I write I always try to capture a feeling or experience with words and where I am now, words fail me. So until further notice I wanted to officially confirm that I forsee myself being on hiatus for a little while where posts won’t be as frequent (if they happen at all) but I hope to return when the words finally come rushing back because one day I hope to share even the tiniest piece of my soul’s latest adventure with you so that you can discover it too.


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