The Presence of God

I had a really interesting chat with a friend the other day who has been wrestling with her faith in God. She was raised Catholic like me but she often struggles to feel worthy, as if she’s “not good enough” to be Catholic. I spent a good chunk of my life feeling that way too, struggling with feelings of rejection and wondering if anyone, God included, would love the real me that hides behind my persona and can’t be perfect all the time. This same friend told me that I was very blessed because she could tell through her ordinary interactions me that God had given me His presence and “the proof that no path I take is wrong as long as I keep my eyes on Him.”

She is absolutely right. God has given me an incredible gift in giving me Himself. But there was one problem in her reasoning. She thought it was because I am worthy. Let me be the first to assure you that I am not. I do believe that God loves me tremendously, but not because I am good, because He is good.

So many people read this blog and they respond with something like intrigue because they see a more personal, less lofty side of God where He is not just my God, but my ever-present adventure buddy. Because while God by His nature is mysterious, it does not follow that He is unrelatable. I think that was sort of the point of Jesus coming to earth in the first place, to fix people’s perceptions of God and show us that God is for us, not against us. He wants to enter personally into every part of our lives and meet us exactly where we are. He’s our Father and He has a deep desire to share Himself with us too, as He walks us up the stairway to Heaven.

Every single person born on earth matters to God. There is absolutely no one He does not love or from whom He would withhold His grace. The Bible itself says, “ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). That’s why patience is such a virtue because the more you persist in this endeavor, the stronger your presence of God will become as He reveals Himself to you, and this revelation is unique to each person. No two people have the same experience of God because He is infinite, and the relationship that develops through the mutual revelation of selves is as personal and unique as you are. By this same line of reasoning, you can rest assured that God truly wants a relationship with you because you are literally irreplaceable to Him.

And I wanted to bring this up because a surprising amount of people I encounter, even those with no discernable religion, tell me they want to have what I have.

You can.

Don’t let lies about worthiness stand in your way. Take it! Seize it! Pursue it and be not afraid! To pursue God is the adventure not just of a lifetime, but of an eternity. A journey that transcends time itself because, while the world tells you to make the most of your limitations and your limited time on earth, God calls you to conquer them by receiving His redemptive love and being raised up to meet His own Self, not as His servant but as His son or daughter.

And I admit I get tired of taking the credit for anything you may have found worthy of praise on this blog. Because only God is worthy of praise and if you saw something that deeply moved you or resonated with you even a little, it wasn’t me you were looking at, you caught a glimpse of God. God breaking through the barriers of your everyday life and silently speaking to you. To that special place inside your soul where only you and He are able to dwell. And I beg you also to keep your eyes on Him, because the look always comes before the leap into that unknown space, and I am certain that you will find everything you are searching for there with Him.

God’s peace be with you and in you.


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