It’s a Leap Year!!!!!

So I’m not going to name names but a certain brunette blogger with a penchant for bad puns and theology thinks that leap years are just about the coolest thing ever!!!

The last time a leap year rolled around I was in college and my friends and I wanted to do lysomething to commemorate the leap day. We decided to watch the movie Leap Year with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode (we liked him before it was cool Downtown Abbey fans). It’s a really fun movie that we first saw together when it came out in theaters. Semi-predictable in that you know where it’s going but you thoroughly enjoy the ride and all the scenic photos of beautiful Ireland. If you’re a person with strong impulses like me you too might be tempted to book your trip after watching.

Anyway, to seal the celebratory mood we ordered a cookie cake from Campus Cookies, an organization whose name is too self-explanatory for me to justify explaining what they do. We chose what color icing we wanted and requested that the cake read, “Happy Leap Day!” because we are lovably corny like that.

So we were watching the movie and the cookie-decorated van (true story) pulled up to our complex. The driver came up to our unit and made the delivery. We eagerly opened the box to behold their masterpiece which read, “Happy Leep Day!”

All I can say is I hope the employee who designed that cake wasn’t a fellow college student…

Happy Leap Day!


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