The Bookworm

So today I realized a detail about myself  that is quite revealing about my personality at large. The only time I ever really wish I had money (or a large gift card equivalent to a substantial sum of money) is when I see advertised a book I really want to read/add to my library for a later date.

I admit to you all I have a Disney’s Princess Belle fantasy where a man gives me a dream library complete with a ladder that moves across bookcasesbelle (I always thought that was the coolest thing- although it would probably prevent me from reading as much as I would without the temptation there). Nonetheless, I feel it would be completely amazing to live in a place that had an actual library. My parents are both solid readers and the many homes I grew up in always had oodles of books lying around for the taking, and take them I did.  But it would be nice to have a designated library within the home. If my mom has her way in the new house, I think it might finally be our time.

All we have to do is find the boxes with the rest of our books in them…


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