I can’t get no…



(Music notes meant to indicate the song reference)

Except I can! Because the queue of my blog is supercharged with future posts. This blog could basically run itself for like 2 months if I scheduled all the drafts I have now. Which is certainly going to help me enjoy this mini-vacation I am currently on, as I’m riding the Amtrak to go and visit friends while this article is posting itself.  I wish I was more tech savvy and had discovered the scheduling feature sooner. I used to write everything on the fly and it was okay. But after having a stroke of inspiration and getting ahead, I decided to stay ahead so that I can write in a more thought out way and avoid falling into the trap of writing filler pieces. Those irk me, because even if you kindly lie to me and tell me they’re good, I can always tell the difference. I much prefer to write about what I actually care about, fine-tuning my heat-of-the-moment reactions to things into plausible defenses, sharing funny stories, musing on the meaning of life, or whatever.

In short I feel like I’m kind of sort of getting the hang of it. And this blog as a whole has become something of a creative endeavor for me and I still enjoy doing it. (Wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep it up!) So it’s satisfying to be satisfied with reaching all the little goals I’ve been working towards that would seem insignificant if I shared them but that matter to me. Time to press on to slightly bigger and much newer ones.



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