So the Pope met with Kim Davis

So the Pope met with Kim Davis.

And everybody is freaking out about it.

And quite honestly, I love the sentiment from non and anti-Catholics who feel betrayed. “Omg I thought Pope Francis was cool and it turns out he’s going to stand with Catholic Church doctrine that unequivocally states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Boo! Hiss! How can he stand in the way of equality like that? What gives him the right to hinder progress?”

It’s humorous to me because I enjoy irony. It shows how they don’t actually believe in their own man-made doctrine of tolerance and acceptance of people who disagree with them. Pope Francis is an extremely authentic and humble person. He lives the gospel on a global scale and has managed to transcend the politics and peer pressure of the world for something higher. He points us all to Heaven by his witness, and that’s a great legacy. He baffles the world because he will not condone gay marriage, but he loves the LGBT community in the same Christ-like way he loves everyone else. He is living the doctrine these progressives envision for the world, tolerance of people whom you disagree with, and they won’t have it. They see him sticking to his principles not as something to be admired but as a sign of hatred for the LGBT community that negates his love and proves he’s a sham- just like they knew all along!

Because what progressives want isn’t really love or tolerance. They want everybody to be on the same side: theirs. You only tolerate those who deserve to be tolerated, people who are “enlightened” like you and share your “enlightened” beliefs. The religionless religion, that measures not in love but equality. Made by the people, for the people. And God has no place in it.

All I can do is wish them luck. Because this new religion will be a very bad social experiment. I know because it is based on a lie, the lie that we don’t need God.

And I think Pope Francis recognizes that for the lie that it is, whether or not the world will stand by him.


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