I love fall

Well, the title of this post is probably pretty self-explanatory, but I just love the fall. And this fall is pretty momentous for a couple of reasons, which I am going to share with you, in no particular order, so that you may be full of fall happiness too.

The first is that it will be my first Pittsburgh fall, and it will coincide with my first Steelers season as an actual Pittsburgh resident.

It will also be the first fall in a while where I haven’t been in Virginia, which is sad because I love to go hiking and the trails in the fall in Virginia are gorgeous. The weather and the colors are a perfect combination. So worth a vacation if you missed beach season. In fact, I plan on a mini-vacation to visit some friends down there so that I won’t miss out completely.

The third is that this blog has officially been up for nearly five months, which is exciting because most blogs fail within the first three months and mine hasn’t yet-hooray!

And the fourth, of course, is all things pumpkin spice. If I had been putting things in a particular order, I would have put that first.


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