Buy something frivolous (but don’t actually)

There’s a Catholic pun around here waiting to happen with this next phrase, but I am just sick of indulgence. (The pun would be based on the idea that church indulgences and the self-indulgence that I’m about to rant about are two very different things. But again, I can’t quite find one that satisfies, so we’re gonna move on.)

So, to get to the rant I promised it began with my fairly innocent act of eating a piece of Dove chocolate that I packed in my lunchbox (because I am a child and still think it’s fun to get candy with lunch- sometimes I even eat it first just because now I can) And the stupid message they put inside was “buy something frivolous.”

I get that Dove markets mainly to women who want to eat chocolate. That’s certainly how I came across its path, being a woman who frequently eats chocolate (judge if you must). But when did Dove get the permission to become my chauvinistic husband? Telling me that it’s okay if I need to take a break from my pathetic life with a little piece of chocolate and that one indulgence somehow justifies another. (I get the path they’re going down, if you get to that place where you’re like five pieces in you do reach that point where you sort of give up on being healthy for the day) But why is the advice they offer in this dumb chocolate all the same? Has authentic femininity taken such a beating (if you’ll pardon my choice of metaphor) that a woman’s only hope for happiness is some shallow materialism? That our goal should be not to serve those who we love but instead order our lives around indulging our every girlish whim? Did Dove really just tell me to ignore  my authentic needs and feelings and buy myself something pretty?

Because if so then Dove doesn’t know me very well. For better or worse, I can’t ignore things that matter. I’ve tried in the past, but the longings of my heart prove too strong every time.


2 thoughts on “Buy something frivolous (but don’t actually)

    1. I probably would have preferred something more along those lines. If they have to offer suggestions at all can’t they gear them towards women who know that their identity is more than high heels and a glass of wine?


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