Dog Days

So the other day I was taking care of my dog and since I’ve been working a ton lately it was extra fun just hanging out with her while everyone else I live with was away. Anyway, eventually I really needed her to go outside and do her business so I could put her to bed. She took forever to find a location that met her high maintenance needs, but she finally peed and without even meaning too I cheered her on like those cliche dog owners do in movies, cooing “good girllll” like Glinda the Good Witch. And for whatever reason I thought that if my dog could talk she would put me in my place, because that must be so condescending.

And I only say that because I cannot imagine how that process would go in reverse. The restroom would be the absolute last place I would want anyone cheering me on. And, if I’m being honest, at the very least my dog is smart enough to put together the fact that I’m faking my enthusiasm. It’s far from the first time I’ve witnessed the spectacle and she’d probably prefer if I just skipped straight to the treat.

But at the end of the day my dog still has that magical man’s best friend halo, because no matter where we are or what we’re doing she never seems to mind (as long as there’s not a thunderstorm!)

Lucky to have that cutie in my my life.



Flower Child

So I’m enjoying getting back to the lighter side of blogging with posts like “the journal” because I can only offer so much unsolicited societal commentary and defenses of my faith before I need to take a bit of a refresher. Because I notice it’s exactly like what happens if I sit and watch the news too long, I start to feel weighed down by the various scenarios happening in our world because I see the darkness behind them and wish I could do more.

But it’s not my job to save the world. It’s already been saved and I really do believe that everything will be okay. Because I believe in heaven.  And I think the more you believe in heaven, the more you start to see it while here on earth, little glimmers of light, like candles on a birthday cake in a dark room. Except that they illuminate something far more beautiful than an earthly birthday party. And it gives me hope to gaze at the little flames, sometimes leaves me in awe as I ponder exactly what the bigger picture might be. Because I truly don’t know. I just trust that it’s something good. I trust that it will ultimately be God. And I trust most of all that, whatever that looks like, I won’t be disappointed.

Because the truth is this blog was not started so much for the forum as it was started for me. I wanted to chronicle my own little spiritual journey (I’ve changed a lot in the past year or so) and I wanted this to help me remember, to help me stay on track, and to remind me why I’ve chosen to live the way I choose to now, basking in the little moments like a child and sharing each of them with God. It’s delightful. I highly recommend it. It takes tremendous faith, but the more I let go the more Jesus Himself comes to meet me, and it’s so great. I’ve gotten to the point where I want to give up more and more, because I want more of Jesus. He’s sort of fantastic. Understatement; but everything is an understatement when you have something that’s too good for words.

Anyway before this post makes you feel even more awkward with how personal it is, and potentially how outlandish it might sound to a culture that leans towards atheism/moral relativism, I wanted to get back to the inspiration behind the post which was this (you can see the former humanities major in me, it took me north of two paragraphs to get to the point): I’ve seen a few blogs that mentioned posting pictures for flower Friday.

Is this a legitimate thing that people do?

Because if it is I am so in!!!!! I absolutely love flowers/nature in general and I will happily use any excuse to feature more photos of them on this blog. My sister makes fun of me because whenever I get excited I get really happy to the point where my sister will sarcastically suggest that I summon my animal friends (it’s funny because it implies that I’m like one of those old-school Disney princesses…) Yup, my sister’s clever. In fact, you should hear the wit that flies around an average family dinner at my house, especially when we’re all together.

So here’s to my first flower Friday!

Enjoy, and be sure to tune in later for more optimism.


I love fall

Well, the title of this post is probably pretty self-explanatory, but I just love the fall. And this fall is pretty momentous for a couple of reasons, which I am going to share with you, in no particular order, so that you may be full of fall happiness too.

The first is that it will be my first Pittsburgh fall, and it will coincide with my first Steelers season as an actual Pittsburgh resident.

It will also be the first fall in a while where I haven’t been in Virginia, which is sad because I love to go hiking and the trails in the fall in Virginia are gorgeous. The weather and the colors are a perfect combination. So worth a vacation if you missed beach season. In fact, I plan on a mini-vacation to visit some friends down there so that I won’t miss out completely.

The third is that this blog has officially been up for nearly five months, which is exciting because most blogs fail within the first three months and mine hasn’t yet-hooray!

And the fourth, of course, is all things pumpkin spice. If I had been putting things in a particular order, I would have put that first.