I read a really funny story the other day from a friend on Facebook who asked her mom what was up and her mom replied S.O.S. Worried, my friend called her mom to ask what was wrong and she replied, oh nothing the S.O.S. stood for same old stuff.


I can’t wait to get back to the S.O.S. Everything here is still pretty new. I really miss having internet on my computer at home. (Yes, most of these posts come from my Smartphone. Say what you will about those things, but they are amazing devices. )

I haven’t set it up yet. Mostly because I’m so tired after work. It frustrates me on my quest for patience. I know I have to be patient as I settle into my very new life. But my own angst is annoying to me. I absolutely loved my old home and I miss the friends I had there terribly. But there was just this part of me that knew I needed to be brave. That knew I really needed to move on. And the change has actually been wonderful so far. It’s so great to be near family. It’s so great to see the Pirates play in PNC park (I love baseball, and if you don’t agree with me then sorry you’re a Communist!)  I really like my job too, the people I work with are absolutely amazing, and the new field is actually a much better fit. In short I’m having lots of fun. Because not only am I doing well, but my family is too, and after a rough couple of months it makes me so happy to see them happy.  And I truly am very grateful.

It’s just that this move killed the momentum on a lot of the writing I’ve been doing. Because as much as I like doing this, I haven’t officially put it back into my routine. My routine only covers the basics of getting me to work on time and getting me fed, and I’m anxious that it expands enough to get me back to regular internet access and regular time to write. (And I should probably throw in regular exercising too, with all the takeout I’ve consumed)

Although if the winters are as cold as I’ve been told to expect not only should that free up some writing time but you all will probably get sick of my constant posting!

I guess only time will tell…


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