Ta dahh

So guess who is the master of Pittsburgh public transportation?

Not me! But I did manage to get home successfully on my first try without getting lost, so I’m thinking I at least have my associates in general Pittsburgh area transit. I’m especially happy because I actually managed to figure it out on my own based on what I know about the city. It’s fun. I feel like the transition is almost complete. Soon I won’t look like I’m wide eyed and alert-counting each stop and checking for landmarks. Soon I’ll have it down to an art!

Plus not driving myself means I now have time to read, listen to music, blog, or my personal favorite: stare out the window/people watch. Admitting to people watching might automatically make me creepy in your mind, but I chalk it up to a modern paranoia about safety. I’m just naturally curious. Always have been. I like to soak in my surroundings and when I see a person reading per se I wonder whether they like to read and what their favorite genres are. I just have an interest in other human beings that comes not from some sinister desire to exploit or harm them, just to get to know them and maybe learn something about the human experience in the process. I think a lot of people are in that boat with me. It’s a shame were not encouraged to give more voice to that. Because I find in our modern world that there is a distinct longing for a sense of community, and how are we to establish one if we can’t even talk to each other? Perpetually stuck in small talk.

And small talk is usually so dull.


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