Life in the slow lane

So today was a day of adventure in the realm of public transportation. The title, which I admit is solely for my own own amusement, was meant to draw attention to the fact that riding a bus had a way of slowing you down, especially in my case because there were about a million stops. I’m not used to city buses.

But it was interesting riding the bus, not only because I’m part of the never-make-eye-contact-with-strangers generation, but because (being someone always open to being pleasantly surprised by people) I got some navigation assistance from a large, kind hearted goth lady. And I was reminded as I was attempting not to be lulled to sleep by the rhythm of the ride that sometimes the answers you’re looking for come from unexpected places. I thought this lady would cut me off mid sentence with an “I don’t know” but instead she gave me an earnest smile and genuinely tried to help. And the memory of our little encounter is definitely going to remind me not to let my limited experience limit my experiences with my neighbors. And I hope it encourages you to be kind as well. Because if bus rides were always that pleasant there would be no more need for cars.


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