A whole new world 

Hello again world. I thought I’d keep the Disney-song-lyrics-as-post-titles thing going because it continues to be extremely applicable. I’ve neglected the blogging world of late because, if you read in earlier posts about how I’ve been job searching, I actually found a job! I am also in the process of finalizing my move which means my stuff is between two states. So while I’m full of things to write about I haven’t actually written anything down.

But as for the job I really like it. It will give me the freedom to write in the evenings once I adjust to the newness of everything and overcome the sheer exhaustion that saying both new hellos and old goodbyes always seems to bring. There’s just so much to process and so little time. Why does it fly so fast? I walked past a college student (since there’s a university right by my office) and in my office casual after a day of networking I felt a generation away from her, in spite of the fact it’s only been about two years (one of which was spent getting my M.A.T so that hardly counts as full adulthood). But it’s all very real now and not unwelcome. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work where I work and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Keep me in your prayers if that’s your thing.


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