Just Call Me Stretch

So today I had a moment where my age, while still young, really caught up with me. I have been noticing lately that I am not as resilient as I once was. For example, now when I stretch after periods of exercising (or long periods of inactivity) it actually hurts sometimes. Such a bummer. Normally I just kind of do some internal cross between a whine and a groan but today was special because my internal response to stretching my back and shoulders was “crap.” Except it wasn’t internal. I said it quietly out loud as I stretched, no doubt disturbing the only other guy in the library sitting a few chairs down who, for a brief moment, thought I had actually said something important. But I felt bad for breaking his concentration. This is that danger of listening to music via headphones while you work, it puts you in your own little world where you forget you’re not just randomly in your room enjoying full sweat-pants wearing freedom.


I blame Mumford and Sons it’s not the first time they’ve had this type of effect on me, their sound just sucks me in.  Pandora was alternating between them, Sam Smith, and the Lumineers, with no small amount of Ed Sheeran interspersed in there too, so I should really stop complaining it was a lovely morning. But before I leave you to let you get back to your life I have just one request/warning: if you are a Spotify snob who hates Pandora then you might as well stop reading this blog now because I have used Spotify and I just can’t get into it, and I’m a pretty regular Pandora listener so there is a strong chance it will get mentioned in the future because I just love music and my musing knows no bounds.

And with that said I am always down for links to new artists if you feel inspired to leave any in the comments section. (But be warned I have a very Pandora way of listening where I give it my thumbs up or thumbs down, but should you get the thumbs up it’s a thumbs up forever! I’m loyal like that.)

Happy Friday!


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