The millionaire

Today I overheard an extremely interesting encounter between two people at the public library’s computer section. (One of those conversations that are loud in a quiet place and you can’t help but hear.) Anyway, this lady was talking to this guy about jobs when I heard her exclaim, “people would rather steal a dollar from you than have a million dollars of their own.” The man countered this negative world view not by getting annoyed, discouraged, or frustrated. Instead, he simply said, “I guess I’ll have to make a million dollars then.” It was such an innocent and genuinely Christian thing to say and, while this man probably had no intention of witnessing anything to anyone that day, I was moved that he refused to give up on his neighbor (both literally and figuratively). The woman he was speaking to changed her whole attitude, laughingly surrendering her cynicism, and told him “we’ll split it.”

Now I’m no expert, but I think that the new evangelization the church has been talking about and trying to implement should look like that. Because in that moment as I listened to those two it inspired something in me that made me profoundly happy to be alive, and I think that’s what love is all about.


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