So today I got to re-watch episodes of the show Arrow. I’m not sure whether I like the show because it’s actually good or because it’s addictive, but it’s comparatively witty, has amazingly acrobatic fight scenes, and just enough cheesiness for me to nark a little. In a nutshell, it keeps me entertained. Anyway, the reason we were watching was because my sister and I had some days off and binge watched (while I taught her to make homemade naan and a bunch of other girly rituals we have that I hope we don’t have to give up as we become “adults.”) and my brothers, who hate spoilers more than anything, insisted on watching Season 2 from the beginning instead of where we left off (roughly on episode 20…). But as I was re-watching it with my brothers I had an interesting thought. It is a totally different experience watching the show when you know exactly what’s going to happen. You’re not as emotional, confident that everything will work out, you know the characters to root for and the villains who are hiding in plain sight. And I started to think of God, how He’s sort of like me in this scenario, the friend that’s seen the movie before.

He’s omniscient, knowing all things before they happen. (I struggled for a long time with the question of how God can be omniscient while we, his people, have free will and it’s too much of a separate tangent to introduce here- but I will come back to it one day). He sees the pain and suffering of the world, rejoicing for the prodigals, calling to the lost, basking in the little details like sunsets and fireflies, shaking up the faithful with proofs of His love, never losing sight of the amazing ending He has in store for those who run their race. I think that’s been a big shift for me lately, learning to be peaceful not because I have all the answers, but because I believe God has them and will reveal them to me in His perfect timing (because He is not confined to time and perfecting me may just take an eternity). But I wouldn’t miss it for the world!


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