Happy Sister Day


So today is actually the five year anniversary of a holiday my sister and I made up around when I was to college. She was technically my first roommate and all through my high school years we had the old school set up of two twin beds only a couple of feet apart. We had some great late night chats and jam sessions. So after my freshman year was over we decided to create our own sister holiday that we would celebrate not yearly (we knew we’d both forget and the day would pass ) but monthly. Specifically on the seventh of every month and it’s intent was to help us keep in touch. We have celebrated every month for five years now, (granted in the smallest of ways, the only actual requirement of this holiday is that we wish the other a happy sister day) And it’s the greatest idea we’ve ever had.

I only share this because I also found out that the seventh of July is national chocolate day (one guess what the number one gift we give each other is?) My sister laughed for a solid ten minutes when I told her that and I’m counting that as her gift this year. So here’s to my classy, wonderfully loving, all around incredible sister and a happy national chocolate day to the rest of you!


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