Good Afternoon

So I hope everyone did indeed have a good Fourth of July. The sixth of July has been interesting. First I woke up at 4am (okay 4:20am) to drive up to Pittsburgh with my dad (who is already working there and can pull a half day cuz he’s a boss…literally) so that I could get to a noon job interview and spend the rest of the day continuing to apply for more jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The seeming enthusiasm is merely the influence of excessive caffeine.) But after having to look ridiculous at one of the Carnegie libraries in this city, whose tables are so wide that I had to effectively crawl all the way under them in my fancy suit (in spite of my long arms) in order to plug in my laptop, I am settled comfortably among their various bookshelves.


My weekend at home was really awesome. Mostly because it included family, friends, and fireworks. But I also got the added bonus of having an article I wrote published online (which is a first for me- I am like barely comprehending). And even better it’s been doing really well. Between that and the fact that this blog is growing slowly and steadily too, I’m left overwhelmed with gratitude to anyone who has ever taken the time to read absolutely anything I’ve written. I really appreciate it, I’m glad you liked it and please share it with everyone you know (because I would lovvveeeee to do this full time!) And I promise you this enthusiasm is not at all related to the amount of caffeine I’ve consumed today.

And since I’m trying to stick to a Monday/Tuesday/Thursday blogging schedule I owe you one. And naturally I’m gonna pick the article that was published:


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