A Half Birthday Celebration


Well, guess what? Today is my half birthday! Remember when that used to be such a big deal as a kid. Like when adults would ask you your age and you’d be like “I’m seven and a half!” Because it was vitally important that the adult in question know your exact age. I don’t even know why. Maybe because we have so little else on our minds when we’re little that anything that pertains to ourselves or something that involves sugar gets our instant attention. Now as an adult I only save the date in case I ever want to throw myself a pool party, because if you count ahead you will realize that my actual birthday is December 30 (one of the many winter months where pool parties are out of the question- and no hot tubbing doesn’t count, it is NOT the same thing.)

Anywayyyy the reason I’m posting this piece is to inform anyone who happens to read this blog that I’ll be posting a little less than you may have grown accustomed to in the first few weeks of this blog. I have been planning this blog for a long time and didn’t want to begin until I had a decent backlog of things to post. I figured that way people could catch up on my past musings between new weekly posts, which I’ve always envisioned as about two or three, with the weekends post free to give me time to type out any inspiration that hits during the week (because yes I am one of those crazy creative types that will think of something and write it in my notebook to flesh out later). I’ll try my best to keep the new post days consistent. Happy to hear what days and times you do most of your blog reading so that I can accommodate.


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