A Football Life for Me

So today I got to thinking as I was watching “A Football Life” with my brother. It’s a program that the NFL network puts on to tell the story of some influential figure in sports history. It combines past footage, commentators, and testimonies by people who knew the man in question. It’s a well done program and I sincerely prefer it to other segments but its interesting the narratives that come from it. Stories of brotherhood and honor. Victory and defeat. Virtues and vices. Like my cousin’s wife always says it’s a quintessential soap opera for men but I think it’s interesting how nothing is ever really new. Everyone is always searching for meaning and some of that longing echoes through in unexpected places. What if even sports could somehow be related back to salvation history- the ultimate narrative? It’s mind boggling!

I’m about to move to my homeland, the land of Steelers football, so I will keep you updated on this little pet theory of mine.


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