Why is it so easy to get caught up in piety? I feel like I am forever lacking discipline because my mind sometimes just wanders up lofty mountains and deep valleys. Some days I wish I could say my morning prayers just to do it rather than putting them off until after I’ve had my coffee. I always get trapped in the belief that what I’m feeling somehow messes up the ritual, how I ought to feel holy or nicer or at the very least more grateful. Because honestly all this gets me is distracted. Distracted from God by focusing on myself, and since I am so profoundly needy this can put a real wedge in the flow of God’s boundless love. It’s like I stare at the mountain to block the stream while forgetting to practice drawing water from the well right in front of me. It’s frustrating. I totally feel the battle of the flesh, when you want to do good things in your mind, but your flesh gets in the way. Sometimes I think warm comforters will be my downfall!

But, fortunately, I saw a commercial for the new Annie movie Hollywood is making, and it lifted my spirits. I really liked the 90s version of that movie with Victor Garber, I remember wanting to be Annie- to sing and dance on stage like the little girl did. I loved the music most of all. I’ve been thinking a lot about being a child of God lately and something hit me this time when it came to the adoption song. And the funny part is the lyrics of sed adoption song align perfectly with where I am in my own relationship with God. Yup, that’s right. Cradle Catholic- I was baptized as an infant so obviously the significance of that gift didn’t really strike me right away. It still hasn’t… but I’m learning. It is so much more fun to be the student than the teacher sometimes. So just to share the lyrics I’m referring to here’s a brief sampling. Obviously I’m the one singing Annie’s part and God will be playing His natural role of a wealthy, loving Father:

Annie: Yesterday was plain awful

Warbucks: You can say that again

Annie: Yesterday was plain awful

Warbucks: But that’s

Annie: not now

Warbucks: That’s then!

Annie: I’m poor as a mouse

Warbucks: I’m richer than Midas

Duet: But nothing on Earth

Could ever divide us

And if tomorrow I’m an apple seller too-

I don’t need anything but you!

(lyrics provided by: )

I like to imagine that this level of celebration in Annie is kind of like the celebration in heaven when people get baptized. Like yes you were sentenced to a miserable exile but now you have a father who loves you just as you are, who will take every burden for you. And the best part is it can’t be undone (in either instance)

It helps me hang on as I learn how to pray…


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