Dad Jokes

dad jokes

So today I got to thinking about my parents as I was sitting with them both at the breakfast table. They celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary in October of last year. Now my dad is the type of guy who has a very sweet, ironic sense of humor. He just cracks himself up and to be honest with you all I do the exact same thing. Our love of puns is what bonds us because I truly believe that jokes are the Holy Spirit’s way of bonding people in Christian fellowship. In fact we can test out this theory right now:

Why was the turkey invited to join the band? Because he brought his own drumsticks!

Even if that joke didn’t do it for ya if you saw the enthusiasm my dad and I use to deliver these jokes you’d at least maybe crack a half smile to give us an A for a sincere effort in making you laugh.

So why am I musing about jokes-weren’t we talking about marriage?

We were. Because marriage is a holy sacrament and my parents have been together so long and faced so many of their trials together that they have a few clear rituals, rituals they return to in the midst of life’s storm that help them stay on track. One of my favorites to watch is my dad’s exercise and or going to the pool routine. Every time before he leaves the house he shares with my mom where he’s going and promises that he will try his best and avoid all the ladies who hit on him and remind them that he is a married man. Then my mom acts jealous and warns him that he better not! I personally enjoy this spectacle because to me it’s not just funny it is hilarious. The reason I find is so hilarious is the irony. I know for a fact that my father is a one woman man and would never leave my mom, and I know that my mom is never insecure in my father’s love because she trusts him around other women. This is their ritual, one of many, that strengthens the vows they made the day they chose each other over anyone else in the world.

It might be the finest play I have ever seen, and it’s been free to me my whole life. My siblings and I always smile when we hear that too because it’s great to see faithfulness play out between two people over the course of time. Imagine how much God must smile when He sees this romance of the vow. That must be why all the sacraments and mysteries of the church have ritual, so that we can call to mind the significance of our covenant with God and better understand the secrets at the center of His Fatherly Heart.


2 thoughts on “Dad Jokes

  1. Wonderful writing! I love what you have to say about ritual. When I joined the Catholic faith I remember my sister talking about all the signs and symbols that the Catholic faith has and how she thought they go in the way of faith. What a misunderstanding! The sacraments and mysteries of our rituals are exactly what give meaning and keep us in touch with God!


  2. Thank you! It’s the rituals that help me keep my focus sometimes and honestly it’s the rich mysteries woven in the Church and even the Mass itself that make me know in my heart that I could never leave it. Like all the different roads would just lead me straight back there.


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