Hello world! Let’s jump right in

Today I got to thinking why is it so hard to let go sometimes? Like when you get a different ending than the one you wanted, or when you cling to something even though you know it is time to move on. Maybe the worst is when you don’t get closure, because then your mind can play with better endings or different possibilities that steal the joy of the present moment. Isn’t it tempting to believe that if we had just gotten our own way things would be better? Especially in relationships. I’ve always had this weird thing where even when people so clearly reject me I still love them. I still see the good in them and hope for the best for them-even when I know they no longer think of me at all. It hurts so much sometimes… and yet I wouldn’t trade it because it forces me to pick between two options. I can either place mega barriers around my heart, keeping it tiny and shriveled and selfish, or I can choose to give it to Jesus, begging Him to rebuild my broken heart with pieces of His own. The first leads to living death, the second to abundant joy and merciful compassion. I’m getting better at choosing the second option. Because the second option takes time. Time that requires faith, faith that requires hope, and hope that carries us onward. Is that the mystery at the heart of true love?


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